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We have experience servicing (but not limited to) the following BMW models:

-- 1 Series

-- 3 Series

-- 5 Series

-- 'M' Models

-- 'X' Models

-- 'Z' Models


BMW uses the BMW TIS for factory service information. This includes diagnostic troubleshooting guides as well as technical specifications. Our tooling allows us to interact with BMW vehicles and monitor the onboard systems so that we can verify the vehicle is operating as desired. If we notice any abnormalities, we can make the adjustments or repairs necessary to return the vehicle to "fresh-off-the-line" performance.

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A common issue that owners of BMW automobiles have is identifying the correct oils needed to service their car. Most manufacturers have specific recommendations for oil quality. BMW is no different. A couple decades ago, BMW began introducing specifications for long-life oil change intervals. These specifications are typically written as "LL-XX" (Where XX is a number). The most common are LL-98 (now obsolete), LL-01, LL-01 FE, and LL-04. Most engines take LL-01 and only certain engines take LL-01 FE which has additional additives for fuel efficiency. LL-04 is primarily a diesel spec and shouldn't be used on gas engines in North America.

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