InfinitiInfiniti EX37 by David Villarreal Ferna, used under CC BY-SA 2.0


Your Vehicle is in Good Hands


We have experience servicing (but not limited to) the following Infiniti models:

-- EX35

-- FX35

-- FX45

-- G35

-- G37

-- M35

-- M45

-- QX56


Infiniti uses the Nissan Technical Information database for factory service information. This includes diagnostic troubleshooting guides as well as technical specifications. Our tooling allows us to interact with Infiniti vehicles and monitor the onboard systems so that we can verify the vehicle is operating as desired. If we notice any abnormalities, we can make the adjustments or repairs necessary to return the vehicle to "fresh-off-the-line" performance.


One of the issues that becomes an annoyance to Infiniti owners of the 1996-2004 model years of the i30 and i35 is stalling and poor acceleration. The common cause of these problems is the MAF sensor which detects the mass of air flowing into the engine intake. If this sensor doesn't detect properly, the engine control module miscalulates the need for fuel inside the combustion chamber. Discovery Automotive has the tooling necessary to get to the bottom of any of your Infiniti driveability concerns. We can advise you on what repairs need made and since we always use quality parts, we can warranty our work on your Infiniti. We can also help you with a maintenance plan that will ensure your Infiniti is safe and comfortable for years to come.