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We have experience servicing (but not limited to) the following Subaru models:

-- Forester

-- Impreza

-- Legacy

-- Outback

-- Tribeca


Subaru uses the STIS database for factory service information. This includes diagnostic troubleshooting guides as well as technical specifications. Our tooling allows us to interact with Subaru vehicles and monitor the onboard systems so that we can verify the vehicle is operating as desired. If we notice any abnormalities, we can make the adjustments or repairs necessary to return the vehicle to "fresh-off-the-line" performance.

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Most manufacturers offer a vehicle with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and customers are enjoying the added fuel economy. With any newly introduced technology there are, and have been, some issues to iron out. A common issue that Subaru CVT run into is an intermittently failing valve body. This will cause the transmission to behave inappropriately and sometimes set a check engine light. Some repair guides state that you have to remove the transmission in order to replace this part, but this is almost always not the case. If you’re experiencing transmission issues with your Subaru, make an appt with Discovery Auto and we’ll give you expert advice on how to best take care of the car.

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