Your Vehicle is in Good Hands


We have experience servicing (but not limited to) the following Toyota models:

-- 4Runner

-- Camry

-- Corolla

-- Highlander

-- Land Cruiser

-- Sienna

-- Tacoma

-- Tundra


Toyota uses the Toyota Information System database for factory service information. This includes diagnostic troubleshooting guides as well as technical specifications. Our tooling allows us to interact with Toyota vehicles and monitor the onboard systems so that we can verify the vehicle is operating as desired. If we notice any abnormalities, we can make the adjustments or repairs necessary to return the vehicle to "fresh-off-the-line" performance.


In our experience, rear differentials are something that ought to be serviced regularly on your AWD Toyota. We’ve participated in several rear differential replacements that have been the result of slow but consistent oil leaks in axle seals and differential cases. These leaks are what some might consider “seeping” and so they are not eligible for dealer warranty repair. Because of the low volume capacity of the rear differential, it does not take a huge leak to run the components dry of oil. When any power transfer unit runs low on oil, the remaining oil becomes less effective as it overheats and retains sludge. Then either the remaining sludge, degrading oil, or shearing forces of the gears cause rapid wear of the internal components. Discovery Automotive is in tune with the factory service intervals of your Toyota and can help you understand what maintenance needs done when and for how much. Trust us to keep you on the road with expert advice and repair.