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Elite '2020 Elite '2020 I just left this shop like 10 minutes ago... I'm typing on the road .... This guy really saved my butt!!! I had a flat on the highway and had to slowly drive on the shoulder for half an hour with a deflated donut!!! I got out at exit 80, and luckily saw this repair shop! The nicest guy on the planet helped us changed our flat, and luckily he had the tire size we needed. At the waiting area, the sweetest doggie, Ginger, kept me company the entire time. After he changed the tire, he even tested it on the road! I was shocked bc it's the first time this has ever happened for me. I usually get my tires done in queens, and no one cares about what happens after they switch out the tires. He even helped me pump up my donut! Turns out I was lucky bc he was actually about to close shop. This place is wonderful, and I am truly grateful. There are great people on this planet, and this guy is one of them! Make sure to stop by!!! They both have beautiful blue eyes! THANKS A MILLION !!


Awesome and close to home!