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More on Maintenance Pt. 2

This post is a 3-part series on automotive maintenance. We shared an article from Car Bibles this past month about automotive maintenance and 20 essential components for it. That article can be found here. Let's go through a couple of the points that Car Bibles makes: 1. "Inspect your vehicle on a regular basis" I can't think of a more important piece of advice. The newer the car is, the more sensors and gizmos it has to keep track of important wear items. But nothing is a substitute for a pair of human eyes. You should have your car inspected often enough to be on first name basis with the mechanics. That doesn't mean you have to spend money every time, but you need to know how things are going with your car. 2. "Learn the meaning of different warning light indicators" There's danger with this piece of advice. You should understand what sy ... read more